Using the Support of Footings

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Building on Top of Sand

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Using Foundation Space

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Support from the Basement

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The Beauty of Beams

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Down from the Roof

Buildings can be quite complex when it comes to proper support, and each level needs to be held up to keep from crashing into the...

Building house, offices, factories or any construction must begin with a good foundation, and there are many factors construction companies must take into consideration. All the planning in the world will not help if the building is not properly supported, so a lot of engineering knowledge goes into looking at the ground where it will sit. There are a variety of factors that contribute to choosing the right foundation for a building, and they include how wet the soil is in the area, whether or not there is rock below the soil, and even if the area is prone to earthquakes, flooding, sink holes or other natural disasters.

The choice of a foundation is dependent on these factors, and engineers must design compensation into them to keep the building from sinking or falling down. The tower of Pisa is an example of bad foundation engineering, and modern construction companies would rather avoid this type of event from occurring.