Using Foundation Space

There are some homes built with shallow foundation spaces, but not all of them require it. Rather than adding on to the house laterally, using foundation space can be a way to get more room. A deeper foundation can function as a basement or cellar, and it can be finished to create additional bedrooms, a recreational area for the family, or it can simply be a place for storage. Building down is not always the first thought of homeowners, but it could be an excellent investment.

Laying a foundation that will house a finished area does require depth, and the builder will have to see if the rock below the house is far enough down to accommodate it. Some areas have rock just beneath the surface, and it might need to be blasted out to create enough space for future use. This can be an expensive proposition, so the first step is determining whether or not it is economically feasible.

If there is plenty of space before hitting solid rock, construction a foundation deep enough for a finished basement does add cost to a project. The area will need to be dug out, and more material will have to be used to create the space and bring the house up to the level of the surrounding area. It will have to be a consideration when planning, and the costs may be prohibitive. Adding the space will be a future repayment that might not be realized for years.

Plots of land today are getting smaller, yet the need for individual space appears to be getting larger. Being able to use the area underneath the house can keep it within bounds for those building, and it is an investment that will be recouped over the years. Those able to afford it should consider this wise investment that will give their family space and add value is the house is ever put on the market for sale.