The Foundation of Good Home Construction

The Beauty of Beams


Support from the ground to the roof is what keeps a home from sinking in on itself, but modern homeowners want open spaces. Many of them are willing to put in the work and money required to convert older houses to modern standards, and they can often use the beauty of beams to create the space they want. Beams are often a necessary intermediate step for those looking for open space in their home, but they must be carefully constructed and placed to have the desired effect.

Putting beams into any ceiling can be a decorative step, but many of them are a function part of the structure. They carry the weight of the roof or the floors above them, and they transmit it down to the foundation. Their presence in any home where decoration is not really necessary can indicate the basic structure of the house, and they can often be incorporated into new designs for those who want to modernize their space.

Removing walls has become popular, but the ceilings and roof must still be supported internally. Beams are one way to transfer the load of the wall being removed, and they can be turned into a decorative part of the new design. Cladding them with wood has become one way of adding beauty to the ceiling, but they can also be hidden inside the drywall for those who want a smooth look. Beams can be painted for a contrast to add interest to a room, or they can be stained to make them stand out as a focal point.

While any beam can be an important part of the structure, they do not need to be ugly. They are now seen by many interior designers as an opportunity to add texture and beauty to any room. They can be painted or stained, and even steel beams can be covered with wood to make them an important part of any room’s design.